EGD Services Ltd now offer logs perfect for the cold winter nights!

Logs are available ventilated bulk log bags for £66 a bag. When reordering return the bag and get £6 off of your next order.

Delivery is free within a 10mile radius, live more than 10 miles away, no problem, delivery can be arranged for a small fee.


What can you find in your Log Bag:

  • Each Log bag is filled with a mixture of soft and hard woods.
  • Bags are ventilated to keep them in log burning condition.
  • All wood has come as a byproduct from main business of tree surgery and essential power line and communication line clearance.


We also offer:


Wood Chip:

  • Available in all stages of decomposition
  • Weathered wood chips
  • Fresh wood chips
  • Good supply available, contact us today

Kindling Wood use of the waste

  • Available on request
  • Natural kindling
  • Created as a byproduct from log splitting.


We at EGD Services Ltd are very conscience of recycling all waste from our sites, this is why we try our best to make use of all the waste we remove from any job. We like to process and recycle all waste, be it through the use of making mulch or firewood products, or by simply creating bespoke one off garden furniture pieces from any of our chopped wood.

In the past we have even created to measure wooden designs including gazebos and even wooden sculptures

If you are interested in purchasing any of our wood products, please call us today on 01794 367778.