Saw Milling

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We operate a mobile saw milling service that enables you to clear all. We can mill anywhere with a reasonably flat surface. Access is not a concern as we can get to most areas by towing with a 4×4.

Mobile saw milling

Our mobile saw milling service is a great way for you to gain from the loss of your tree. You can make useful timber from decent trunks that would otherwise be cut up and used as firewood.

Milling at an affordable price

At E.G.D. Services Ltd we can produce many thousands of pounds of sawn timber in one day, especially if we are sawing hard woods. Do you have rare or exotic wood to mill? No problem. We can saw this as well for you, and best of all, we can do this at a price that works out perfectly for all budgets.

We offer a days milling at a price of £440 incl VAT.

Cut down logs accurately

We use a woodmizer LT 40, which is capable of tackling long and large logs. Logs of over 36′ girth can be milled and we are more than capable of cutting down your logs to an 1/8th of an inch accurately.